Sarah Eckersley Robinson


Sarah Eckersley Robinson was born the 15th of February 1844, in Oldham, Lancashire, England. Sarah was a little over a year old when her parents left England on the ship Palmyra. They were six weeks crossing the ocean. Sarah was taken ill and her fever was so high that she lost her hearing. When they noticed something was wrong with Sarah, her father shot off a gun and she did not respond to it. Sarah Eckersley was deaf.

Sarah was a big help to her mother as she grew up. She learned to weave, card wool, made cloth with a spinning wheel, knit stockings, crocheted bedspreads, and made straw hats from the straw she gleaned in the field. Sarah was a lover of flowers, and everyone in passing would admire her flower garden. She was an honest person, too. When the neighbor's chickens would wander to her property and lay eggs, she found them and took the eggs to her neighbors.

She was a very good swimmer as a child and could dive with poise and grace. A creek near her home followed their street in American Fork, Utah, and she would dive into the water. Because she had such grace, passersby would stop and throw coins in the creek to watch her dive after them.

Sarah was a beautiful young woman with black hair and blue eyes, five feet and five inches tall, and very slender. She loved going to parties and the boys enjoyed dancing with her because she danced so gracefully. She seemed to glide with the music, not missing a step. Sarah was so easy to dance with that most every young man wanted a chance to dance with this angelic beauty. Even though she was considered deaf, Sarah may have been able to hear the low tones of the band. She could definitely feel the beat and vibrations. Not only that, Sarah was able to feel the vibration of the earth when a train was coming two or three miles away.

Many people loved Sarah because of her good nature. It did not take much for William Robinson to notice her. He quickly fell in love with her and adored her very much. He loved her sweetness, honesty, and spirituality. Sarah had five children and had special sounds for the names of each of her children. Even though she had learned signing with her hands, she could read lips. This is something that becomes second nature to those who have lost their hearing.

Sarah had to rely on women's intuition to raise her family. She knew when her baby was awake and needed her. Her husband never had to tell her. She sensed it. At night, she would wake up even before her baby cried. When the neighbors were visiting, they were amazed when Sarah excused herself to get her baby who had just awakened from a nap.

Sarah was an example of fortitude and courage. She always listened to the spirit of the Lord and followed the promptings given her. After returning to her home, she sensed the presence of someone in the house. Acting quickly, she grabbed her broom and began searching. She had a feeling to check her bedroom, but when she entered the room no one was in sight. She quietly stepped to her bed and looked under it. There she found an evil and lustful man crouched and waiting for Sarah, but he was not prepared for a strong and determined woman with a weapon in her hands.

With all the strength she had, she started whacking him out from under the bed with the broom. She then hit him over the head again and again. Chasing him from the house, she continued beating him as he ran down the street. Sarah had spirit and no doubt this wicked man thought he could take advantage of her, but he found out differently. He thought he could take advantage of her since she was deaf, but he did not expect such courage and fled.

Sarah was a spiritual woman and had faith in the Lord. Once when her daughter Fannie was seven years of age, she became ill and soon passed away. When Sarah could not feel a heart beat, she immediately sent word to her husband to get the patriarch. She believed in miracles. When William received her message, he ran next door and got Patriarch Greenwood. They gave Fannie a blessing, and because of the great faith of Sarah and her husband, their child's life was restored once again. It was an experience she never forgot and spoke of with reverence. Sarah had great faith in the Lord.